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2022 Moncton Premium Tag (one-sided printing)

2022 Moncton Premium Tag (one-sided printing)

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Under City of Moncton Bylaw #H-202: “No person who is resident in the City of Moncton shall own a dog without having a valid license for that dog.”

Choose from a variety of tags. Tag price includes license.


*An additional fee for fertile dog:

  • $10 tax included for fertile dog.


PAW is a not-for-profit organization. Premium Dog Tag sales represent a fundraiser for PAW to help cover business administration costs. All proceeds raised from the sale of premium dog tags go to PAW.

Pickup locations:

  • PAW, 116 Greenock Street, Moncton
  • Moncton City Hall, 655 Main Street
  • Mail to my residence for $1.50+HST


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