Salut je suis Lulu!

It’s nice to meet you! Adopting can be a wonderful experience for us!
Please ensure you have an appropriate accessories when adopting me.


Come visit me at PAW! Adoption fee: $210 HELLO HELLO PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! Was that too loud? Well get used to it buddy, because I'm loud and proud. I am an incredibly affectionate and vocal kitty who's looking for my forever home. I mean it, I will sprint across the room to head boop your hand for pets. My old owner noted that I was "curious, friendly, and happy" while living with them. I love to inhale my food as fast as possible - I am a woman of passion. However I eat so fast, that sometimes I throw up. The staff has never noticed this in a shelter setting, but recommends feeding half a cup of kibble a day to maintain this beautiful bod. I love pets, I love treats, I love everything except other cats. I'm ready to throw down and get hissy with any ol cat that dares cross my path. My friends at the shelter recommend I fly solo in my new kitty home. If I sound like the gal for you, then swing by the shelter and order up a dish of vindalulu!


30 days in shelter
  • Animaux

  • Couleur

  • Emplacement

    Adoption Room- Cat Room 1
  • Sexe

  • Lester

    4 kilograms
  • Élever

    Domestic Shorthair
  • Médical

  • Ne pas placer avec

  • Animal ID



  • Castrer ou stériliser
  • Coupe-ongles
  • Traitement contre les puces (chats, chiens et lapins)
  • Premier vaccin
  • Nettoyage des oreilles
  • 6 semaines de couverture avec PetSecure Insurance
  • Premier déparasitage
  • Identification par micropuce
  • 1 mois de PetWatch 24h/24
  • Vaccin contre la rage (chiens)
  • 1 semaine de GoodPup
  • 1 caisse de Nourriture humide Royal Canin (Chats)
  • 1 sachet de Croquettes Royal Canin