Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Volunteers and their gifts of time and talent are essential in giving the animals in our care a second chance. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities to engage and inspire you.

We are currently reviewing and revising our volunteer programs. Please check back for updates.

For information on volunteering please email:

Volunteer opportunities offered by the People for Animal Wellbeing are: fundraising, special events, contacting adopters for updates, animal socializing (dogs, cats, small animals), enrichment (dogs, cats, and small animals), dog walking, shelter greeters, landscaping, and assisting animal attendants!

Requirements to be eligible to volunteer at the People for Animal Wellbeing: Be friendly, polite, and reliable. Volunteers handling animals are required to provide a clean, name based, police background check at their own cost. *Letters will be provided allowing the federal fee to be waived in most cases. Are 18 years of age or over to interact with animals unsupervised. Children under 18 years may accompany an adult who is a current volunteer. There is a limit of one child per adult. Children must be under supervision at all times.

Each volunteer position will require its own orientation.

Time Commitments for Volunteers Processing applications requires a commitment (usually weekly) that is coordinated with current volunteers in this position.

Assisting with fundraising and special events does not require a time commitment. These events will be posted, along with any requirements, as they happen.

Volunteer positions within the shelter (interacting with the animals) requires a minimum 1 hour a week commitment for your volunteer status to remain current and active.

As a volunteer with PAW you will have an impact on the lives of all the animals PAW assists and cares for. You will be a positive influence in your community and have the opportunity to learn new skills and develop lasting connections. Our volunteers are ambassadors, helping us build positive momentum and we look forward to working with you. Apply here!


  • Copains de grange

    Destiné aux chats qui font d’excellents chats de grange.

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  • Personnes et animaux âgés

    Jumelage de personnes et d’animaux âgés.

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  • Maman en santé, bonheur de la portée

    Aide aux familles qui ont des portées inattendues.

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