Lost or stray animals turned at PAW automatically appear on our public Lost & Found Listings page for
the duration of the mandatory four-day holding period. Please monitor the Lost & Found to see if your
pet has been turned into the shelter.

If your pet has been missing for longer than four days, or if you prefer, please call us at (506) 857-8698
to let us know that you wish to look for your pet in person. We cannot tell you if your lost pet is at
the shelter over the phone. It is up to you to check the Lost & Found listings or to come and look for your

We attempt to check all incoming animals for identification (tags, microchips, tattoos, etc.) to try to
locate their owner. Without ID, we are unable to make a match. Microchips are a valuable resource
but sometimes fail to be read by the scanner, or an animal can be too fractious to scan. Tags and
collars can be lost while your pet is loose. Even if your pet is microchipped or tagged, you should
continue to monitor the Lost & Found.


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