2022 City of Moncton Dog Licenses 

You are being directed to the PAW website to access the City of Moncton dog license application form. An application can also be submitted by calling PAW at 506-857-8698, or Moncton City Hall at 506-853-3333.

Under City of Moncton Bylaw #H-202: “No person who is resident in the City of Moncton shall own a dog without having a valid license for that dog.”


  • $10 tax included for neutered/spayed dog
  • $20 tax included for fertile dog
  • Premium dog tags are available, prices may vary

PAW is a not-for-profit organization. Premium Dog Tag sales represent a fundraiser for PAW to help cover business administration costs. All proceeds raised from the sale of premium dog tags go to PAW.


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