Hi, I'm Luna!

It’s nice to meet you! Adopting can be a wonderful experience for us!
Please ensure you have an appropriate accessories when adopting me.


Come visit me at PAW - Adoption fee $210 - Dapper, elegant, dainty, divine. All wonderful words that make up part of my personality. I do enjoy being around humans but there is one thing to always remember, I am the queen. I don't particularly like sharing my space with other animals because how dare they spread their scent on all of MY belongings like the couch or the bed. I am the type of lady that would like for my new family to realize I can only handle so much petting. After approximately 2 minutes I have other things to do. There are only 24 hours in a day and my schedule is jam packed with looking out the window, having delicious treats, napping, and sunning. I hope you understand that I do appreciate my alone time, but will occasionally expect love. If you can respect that, we will be best friends in no time.


28 days in shelter
  • Animals

  • Colour

  • Age

    3 years, 6 months and 27 days
  • Sex

  • Weight

    4 kilograms
  • Breed

    Domestic Shorthair
  • Medical

  • Do not place with

  • Animal ID



  • Spaying or Neutering
  • Nail Clipping
  • Treatment Against Fleas (cats, dogs and rabbits)
  • First Vaccination (cats & dogs)
  • Ear Cleaning
  • 6 weeks coverage with PetSecure Insurance
  • First Deworming
  • Microchip Identification (cats & dogs)
  • 1 month of 24hr PetWatch
  • Rabies Vaccine (dogs)
  • 1 week of GoodPup
  • 1 case of Royal Canin Wet Food (Cats)
  • 1 bag of Royal Canin Dry Food