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Locally made snufflemats 

These handmade snuffle mats measure 12" by 12" and are made with fleece and industrial rubber matting for the base. This toy is a wonderful way to add some enrichment to meal time or treat time for your pup or even your aging dog.

The snuffle mats take advantage of your dog’s natural nose ability. You drop treats or kibble among the fleece tassles and the dog will “snuffle” or root through the mat to find the tasty goodies! It can also help your dog if you have a dog that eats too fast, this makes them work for their supper. Putting a few kibble in the mat at a time means they will have a much longer dinner time, but in the end it is safer for them than gulping down their food.

Dogs love this as a toy, and you’ll love it as an enrichment tool! 

machine washable on gentle cycle (do not use dryer)

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