By subscribing to the PAW Plan, you can help us in the best possible way. Thanks to your generous pre-authorized monthly donations, we can help animals in our shelter when they need it most.

  • The PAW Membership includes a safe, secure and efficient way to donate.

  • The PAW Membership includes the ability to choose the monthly amount that suits you.

  • The PAW Membership includes allows you to cancel or change your donation at any time

  • The PAW Membership saves PAW on administrative costs and other costs incurred


0.30¢/day $20/mo

Steward Membership

Did you know the shelter goes through 250 pounds of cat litter per day? With the Steward Membership, you can provide litter for five cats in our care each month.

This donation helps us purchase items needed for a Kitten Foster Kit. The kit includes formula, litter, bowls and blankets.

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0.80¢/day $25/mo

Caregiver Membership

The Caregiver Membership provides monthly Veterinarian Exam Consultations for shelter animals in need.

Did you know this membership saves the lives of over 24 kittens every year?

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$1.13/day $35/mo

Keeper Membership

The Keeper Membership provides comfort and cares for a cat for a month. This donation provides comfort and cares needed to over 1,500 cats that come through our doors annually.

Did you know we go through roughly 30 pounds of cat food every single day? That’s about 900 pounds a month!

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$1.62/day $50/mo

Defender Membership

The Defender Membership provides full comfort and cares for a dog in our shelter for a month. With this donation costing less than your daily coffee, you can ensure that your monthly contribution is helping a homeless animal in need. Did you know you can help 12 animals a year by signing up for the Defender Membership? That’s amazing!

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$2.50/day $75/mo

Protector Membership

Becoming a Protector provides a Pre-Adoption Cat Care Kit which includes spaying, de-worm and a microchip to every cat going up for adoption. Or… A Dog Foster Pack which includes bowls, a leash, a collar, food and treats to assist the tireless efforts of our amazing foster families caring for special cases.

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$3.50/day $100/mo

Guardian Membership

The Guardian Membership provides Emergency medical care and treatment for an animal in need.

We would like to introduce you to Zach, a 10-year-old cocker spaniel who came into our care when his previous owners could no longer care for him. It was love at first sight when Zach walked through our doors. This sweet guy loves to play with his toys and he even showed us how he could fetch the morning newspaper!

After he was surrendered into our care, we quickly phoned a local vet to make an appointment for our senior boy. We knew what was coming, but we could only hope the outcome would be positive.

Zach clearly had two large masses on his chest and because of the size of the tumours, it was a major surgery that needed to take place immediately. The vet informed us that they needed to be removed as they can be locally invasive and the vet believed with removal he could have many happy golden years! His life-saving surgery cost over $1,000. After his surgery, Zach couldn’t control his wiggly bum. He was so happy to be able to move comfortably, and fetch that paper with ease!

It is because of lifesaving investments like the Guardian membership that we are able to do these emergency surgeries to save lives like Zach’s.

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